You have your own custom Chirashi-Sushi

When the doors open to our store at 12 o’clock sharp, customers with the sushi cravings go straight to the to-go sushi meals.


Our most popular lunch time meal is the Chirashi-Sushi, a tasty variety bowl consisting of boiled shrimp, tuna, salmon, white fish, octopus, tamagoyaki and “Ikura” cod roes. All of this for just only $13.50. The variety of sashimi and the volume you get in this one bowl leaves customers satisfied.

But, did you know there is a secret menu for this Chirashi-Sushi?


At Taro’s Fish, we have a rice take-out bowl for $2.50/bowl. Combine this rice bowl with the various Saku(a kind of sashimi block) in our store and you have your own custom Chirashi-Sushi.


We find that many customers love to add the sweet shrimp to the regular Chirashi-Sushi to make it a deluxe Chirashi-Sushi.


How about a chirashi-sushi with salmon and uni? Your imagination if the limit.

One thing you have to be careful about this custom Chirashi-Sushi is the size of the Saku. One Saku is more than enough for one bowl, so two Saku will simply not fit inside a single bowl.


We recommend inviting a couple of your friends to the fish market when creating your custom Chirashi-Sushi. If you’re feeling a little adventurous, bring 2 friends and choose one Saku each. Now you have three custom Chirashi-Sushi with three different types of sashimi.


To summarize,

1) Pick out your favourite sashimi Saku
2) Bring the Saku to the cash register and ask to have it made as a Chirashi-Sushi
3) Pay the bill
4) Wait roughly 3 minutes for the Chirashi-Sushi to be made

that’s it!

Come visit Taro’s Fish and let your imagination go wild.

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