Our fresh fish list for Sashimi

As always, we find best fresh fish from Canada, East coast, Europe, New Zealand and Japan.

They’re all in our retail fridge. Please take them to cashier first then we take care of making nice Sashimi plate for take-out.


Please don’t forget about easy to take-out “Assorted Sashimi plate” of $16/$35/$45!

Fish list (store / Sashimi) 

Tuna/Maguro – Nova Scotia / Boston
Bluefin Tuna – Boston
Albacore Tuna – BC- Canada

Atlantic salmon – BC-Canada
Organic salmon – Ireland
Ocean Trout – Scotland

Snapper / Madai – New Zealand
Tarakihi / Yamashiro-dai – New Zealand
John Dori / Matou-dai – New Zealand
Trevally / Shimaaji – New Zealand

Sardine / Iwashi – Portugal
Stickle back / Aji – Portugal
Squid / Ika – Portugal
Octopus / Tako – Morocco

European bass – Greece
Seabream – Greece
Red shrimp – Argentina
Scallop/Hotate -Hokkaido-Japan
Hamachi Yellow tail – Kyushu-Japan

Please visit our store for more fresh fish!

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