Fish Story – Madai

Red seabream otherwise known as Tai or Madai is commonly eaten in Japan during special occasions, because of its colour and name(TAI is connected to MEDE-TAI which means celebration).

Fresh wild caught Japanese Madai is very expensive. Our Madai is from New Zealand and the price is much more affordable. The New Zealand wild caught Madai is similar to the Japanese Madai all the way down to the DNA level. It’s been said there’s almost no difference in taste between the two.

This fish is well known because of its traditional taste. If you are looking to try sashimi for the first time, we would recommend the wild caught Madai.

The Madai is usually best served as sashimi, but the carpaccio and the Madai-Chazuke is a great alternative.

The Best season to enjoy the Madai is during fall to spring.

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