What’s new in Tokyo and beyond… (2017.10)

As I wrote in “Secret of Sushi Special“, I visited Japan again for a few weeks. I’m always interested in the new trends in Japan. Here are some of my experiences…

1 Nemuro Hanamaru KITTE Marunouchi (Tokyo Station)


“Conveyor belt sushi” is quite famous for cheap eats. There are so many of them in Tokyo, so the quality and idea behind the sushi are always evolving.

“Nemuro Hanamaru” is the hottest restaurant in Tokyo right now because of the freshness, quality, and atmosphere. If you’re a wasabi lover, you’ll want to try the “Yama Wasabi Tekka”.


Be careful of the long wait times (minimum 60min) to get into the restaurant. There are English instruction/menus available so anyone can enjoy the delicious sushi.


2 Takimoto’s Sushi Millefeuille (Tokyo Daimaru)

It’s quite unique that they have layers of sashimi and Sushi rice in this plastic container.


They sell three kinds of Millefeuille, “regular”, “goukai” and “zeitaku(in picture)”.

As you can see, the first layer is full of Sashimi (Negitoro, Shrimp, Uni, Club meat and Ikura), the second layer is Sushi rice and Salmon flakes, the third layer is Sushi rice and Mentaiko(Spiced pollack roe) and Salmon. It’s so tasty!


3 Mori-Mori Sushi (Kanazawa Station)

Kanazawa station is two and a half hours from Tokyo by the bullet train “Shinkansen”. This place is famous for its rich history and authentic Japanese food.


You can experience this when you ride the luxurious “Gran Class” Shinkansen. They serve a complimentary special welcome drink and original bento-box.


There are many sushi restaurants in Kanazawa, but I tried the “Conveyor belt sushi” again. It’s nice waiting for the sushi to come on the conveyor belt but it’s also fun to order from the table on the tablet menus (English menu on the tablet).

4 Umi no Kagayaki (Otaru, Hokkaido)

If you want to go further and are a Uni lover, this “Ekiben(bento-box)” is worth a try. Otaru, Hokkaido is far from Tokyo (2 hours flight and 1hour train ride) but you’ll find its full of great seafood.


You can buy this at a tiny convenience store located inside the Otaru Station. Be careful though, they make limited quantities so you’ll want to buy the bento before noon.


This is very famous among “Ekiben” enthusiasts because of the sweet “Musi-Uni(Steamed Sea Urchin)”!

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