Fish Story – Madai

Red seabream otherwise known as Tai or Madai is commonly eaten in Japan during special occasions, because of its colour and name(TAI is connected to MEDE-TAI which means celebration). Fresh wild caught Japanese Madai is very expensive. Our Madai is from New Zealand and the price is much more affordable. The New Zealand wild caught…

Fish Story – Amberjack

Today’s feature fish is Amberjack. This gorgeous fish is known as Kanpachi in Japan. If you love Hamachi(Yellowtail), you’ll also love this fish because they are the same kind of fish group. Our Kanpachi is sent straight from the seas of Portugal. The beauty is in the rich fatty taste and the slightly firm texture….

Fish Story – John Dori

This dark spotted fish is known as Matou-Dai and is considered a luxury fish in Japan. Its’ white flesh has a hint of sweetness. That’s the beauty of this fish’s flavour. If you like the fluke, you’ll love the Matou-Dai. Because of the delicacy of the taste, people tend to eat it as a sashimi…

Sashimi for take-out

If you’re looking for the absolute best “Japanese quality” Sashimi, Taro’s fresh pick is what you want. In a hurry? We also have some deliciously prepared sashimi plates for fast take out. Throwing a big party? Just give us a call ahead of time with your budget and the number of people attending your party….